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About Huma Somatic Psychotherapy

Huma Somatic Psychotherapy is about awareness. It is based on the knowledge that the body is one with the psyche. As this integrated hands-on and verbal method eases constriction in the body, that which is authentic in the client’s experience comes into awareness. It is a source of inner guidance in navigating the contradictory inner and outer demands we face.

When the core level of the body is contacted, there is a shift from the physical to the energetic. Ultimately, it is this central channel of energy which the practitioner seeks to contact. When this happens, the client may experience a deep level of the self. This experience manifests differently, but what is universal about it is a feeling of tranquility. This is the Transpersonal place.

What is unique about this method is that it contacts the physical/psychological level and also reaches beyond that to the energetic/transpersonal. The transpersonal can then inform and reorient the ego life.

Louise Barrie has been in private practice and teaching since the 1970s. She creates a safe environment in which her clients can explore and students can learn.

  • She is a licensed psychotherapist and has a private practice in somatic psychotherapy in Berkeley, California
  • She has extensive training in somatic methods
  • She co-developed the Rosen Method Certification Program with Marion Rosen and taught that program for 13 years
  • She developed Huma Transpersonal Bodywork, later Huma Somatic Psychotherapy
  • She gives presentations, and teaches classes and workshops, she has offered certification to those who completed her training program. These are offered primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • She offers a teacher training program
  • She sometimes teaches courses in Huma Transpersonal Bodywork in universities in the SF Bay Area
  • Continuing Education Credit available for: National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

Huma is a Persian word that means, 'that [mystical] bird, that when you're in the shadow of its wing, you're protected'.

Mani S. Irani