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Louise Barrie, MFT

From an early sense of joy through acrobatics, dance, and the general experience of embodiment, Louise Barrie developed an interest in the mind/body connection. Out of this interest, after having completed a major in English literature, she pursued degrees in biology and psychology, eventually becoming a somatic psychotherapist (MFT ).

She studied many modalities: Sensory Awareness, Feldenkrais, Bio-energetics, and Neo-Reichian work extensively with Gunver Ingeborg. She eventually apprenticed to Marion Rosen, co-developed the Rosen Method Certification Training Program with her and taught that program for thirteen years. In addition to Berkeley, she developed a school in Chapel Hill, NC, where she offered certification in Rosen Method, and also eventually in Huma Transpersonal Bodywork.

Over time, her work began to shift in a more transpersonal direction. Drawing on her spiritual practice, she began to see her work as one of helping the client to reach for inner guidance and the "still place of being". In accordance with this, she began to discover deep energetic states in the body which supported this awareness. Out of these shifts, she developed Huma Somatic Psychotherapy (originally called Huma Transpersonal Bodywork).

Louise has a private practice in Albany, CA (Bay Area). She also teaches, and for several years offered certification in her method. She still teaches but does not currently offer certification. She has been on the adjunct faculty at John F. Kennedy University and has taught at the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology. She currently teaches in Berkeley CA.

For further information, articles, to register for classes, or to be put on the mailing list, call Louise Barrie at (510) 524-1440.

Louise Barrie