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Private Sessions with Louise Barrie

Louise Barrie has been in private practice since the mid 1970s. She does both brief and long term work with people. The goal of the work is awareness. It is to help the client become aware of the difference between that which is deeply true for them and that which diverts from that truth. It supports alignment with that truth. There are Five Aspects to Huma Somatic Psychotherapy with a client:

  1. Safety:
    An environment of safety is provided: confidentiality, good boundaries, pacing the work in a way which is right for each individual, providing appropriate referrals when necessary.
  2. Hands-On:
    a. Huma Somatic Psychotherapy is a hands-on method in which the practitioner works with the muscular bindings (tension) in the body. Clients sometimes experience relief from the physical pain which comes from muscular tension.
    b. Energy:
    Ultimately, with the hands, the practitioner is reaching for the core of the body, to a central channel where the focus deepens from the physical to the energetic. The practitioner uses the hands to encourage the free flow of energy through the core of the body.
  3. Verbal:
    The practitioner talks with the client about what is happening in their experience. The practitioner supports that which comes into the clients awareness when there is a free flow of energy, or a dynamic stillness, in the core of the body. At these moments, that which is authentic comes into the client's awareness.
  4. Psychological:
    In a session, as the body eases, sometimes unconscious memories and feelings come into awareness. In addition to this, one can begin to identify the chronic habits of thought we live in, ie., habitual anger, resentment, helplessness, continuous planning, etc. One then experiences these as a distraction from one's truer, more expansive nature.
  5. Sometimes the movement of energy through the core of the body gives way to a dynamic stillness there. The client may experience this as a shift to another state: peace, wholeness, love, the Mystery, a longing with fullness, etc. It is a tranquil place where there is no worry.
There is a longing in each of us which ultimately requires that we bow our heads to suffering. This suffering can then lead to glimpses of love (or the experience of unity). The client can take a dip in and refresh her/himself in the pool of that love. The memory and fragrance of these moments can re-orient the daily life.

Private Sessions
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